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Trance In Transit

I had plans to visit Europe for 3 weeks and i was super excited about it. Flight Tickets often make a big hole in our pockets and so did mine.

I had plans to visit Europe for 3 weeks and i was super excited about it. Flight Tickets often make a big hole in our pockets and so did mine. I figured out the best way; keep long transit hours and get a good deal! Hence, i booked the tickets from Sydney-Doha-Budapest with Qatar Airways, with 16hrs of transit in Doha. It takes 15hrs 53 mins to reach Doha from Sydney and this was a spin of 3 continents (Australia-Asia-Europe). Like i said before, i had long transit in Doha i planned to do a City Tour.

Transits (short-long) are sometimes tiresome, boring  and much needed more often. I am sure, most of us like to keep short transits to just energize, relax and hop on to the next flight. Due to some factors we tend to book a flight tickets with long hours of transit time and keep thinking on what to do in that time! My only reason of keeping long hours transit was to save some $$$ on flight tickets, i guess i relate to many of you…..and then i planned the City Tour (Doha City)

For those who dont know Qatar Airways offers free City tours for those passengers who has more than 8 hours of transit, this is in association with Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism Board. It doesn’t take much to get the free seat for city tour, just queue, show your boarding pass and get the voucher. City tour Bus leaves every half an hour between 8am to 5pm.

Qatar is an Arab Country comprising with desert and gulf shoreline. Doha being the capital of the country is popular for its futuristic skyscrapers and ultramodern architecture, inspired by ancient Islamic Design. Visiting Qatar in the month of August was a bad idea, hot and humid weather almost killed me.

Doha Airport
I joined the tour team, all of them were transit Passengers. We all cleared the Immigration and headed out towards the bus, just stepped out of the airport and we felt the humidity in the air and my eye wear encountered heavy fog. Being a bit unhappy with the weather i was keen to explore the city.
Doha city has so much to offer. I was shocked and stunned to see the city with its beauty. Architecture of the city will take you away for its uniqueness and the pattern. Modern buildings has ultramodern touch and the traditional Islamic Houses or buildings are nothing less than a mini palaces.
My first visit was “Pearl Harbour”. I took my camera to take a picture and encountered fog later used my phone to capture all pictures.
City showers the richness with its construction; may be in the malls, or in its infra.  Independent  houses with cream finish are nothing less than a sight of a fairy tale houses. Shopping malls flows with richness with its white and gold color.
This mall had a mini Venice Built Inside. As I said earlier, the weather is humid and hot in this gulf country, they have built everything indoor. Little Venice has its own clouds, river, bridges and Gondolas to transfer from one area to other (within the mall) How cool is that ?

The city was deserted during the day and turned out over crowded in the evening. I went to Souq Waqif during the day and in the night and i was shocked to see the change. This market is most popular hangout place in Doha. Market features many souvenirs shops, fabrics, spices, cafes and more.

In Afternoon


In Night


I also visited “Katara Pigeon Towers”. Like who builds pigeon Towers ?

These towers contribute uniqueness in architectural design and fits nicely for the surrounding. Loved these towers

Doha City has so many places to visit like The pearl – Qatar, Doha Corniche, National Museum of Qatar, Camel Pen, Abdullah Bin Zid Almahmud Islamic Center, Qatar Islamic Center, beaches, markets, malls and many more. Street lights turn into different colours in the night and its a view from distance. Visiting Pearl Harbour has its own charm with the pearl shell structure. I am adding a slide show of the pictures as pics of every visit and i dont want to make this article too long.

I am looking tired and stressed but that is just because i didn’t sleep for past 30hrs (office work, flight and city tour) but Doha City was worthy a visit. If not for anything one should visit for its Architecture.

I always try and fit-in one destination in my transit and this time it was Doha. Doha gave me more than i expected and left me applauding for its Architecture. Let me know, which one are you planning the next on your transit.

Quick Tips

  1. Be careful of the weather you are travelling (winters are extreme too)
  2. Keep sunscreen and a hat/cap
  3. Taxis are convenient, use them
  4. Aim for Appropriate  clothing
  5. Have a correct information on “Transit Visa” based on your Country.